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Quality Processes

With the following stringent quality process, we consistently achieve less than 100 ppm customer returns:

● MTBF Calculation - useful for a general indication of product reliability to predict product failure time distribution.

● E-cap Life Calculation - to guarantee minimum life  of PSU.

● E-cap life burn-in test at IQC to ensure the electrolytic capacitors are meeting the life specification as specified by the E-cap manufacturers.

● Component Derating - Ensuring that each component is used within an optimum design margin based on in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of each type of component to achieve an optimized balance between high margin, higher cost and low margin,  low reliability.

● Open Short Test - Done for practically all components in excess of safety requirements to cover all unforeseen possibilities.

● Extensive Internal Design Verification test plan on top of customer specific test requirements.

● Incoming Reliability Control - Critical at a time of reducing component reliability.

● Ongoing Reliability Test - Ongoing monitoring of component reliability.