Adapters & Chargers

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With our leading patented and patent pending technologies.  PI has designed and manufactured a number of brick type and wall mount type adapters / chargers for various applications.  We have designed various small size adapters for portable applications as well as some high power 120W adapters for LCD TV.  We also have various detachable AC plug designs that allow users to snap-in a different AC plug for other countries to the US base plug.  By using our special molding technology, we can make waterproof adapter with the compliance of the IPX7 standard.  

● Compact / slimline desktop adapters - 24W to 65W, with and without integrated USD charger output

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● Single / wide range AC input wall mount adapters - exchangeable / collapsible AC pins

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● Single / wide range AC input wall mount adapters - 1W to 36W

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● Single / wide range AC input desktop adapters - 24W to 120W

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● Shaver adapter meeting IPX7 waterproof requirement without potting

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