AC Power Supplies

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With the low cost, low EMI and reliable circuitries, we design and manufacture various low to high power multiple outputs AC/DC power supplies for many applications such as:

● Telecommunications

● Industrial
● Point of Sales
● Projectors
● Printers
● Set-Top-Box
● Outdoor Public WiFi
● Storage Devices
● LCD Displays
● Din Rail PSU

● 3 phases AC input 24V 1000W Din-Rail PSU without external fan for industrial applications

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● 85 − 550Vac input 24V 240W output Din Rail PSU for industrial applications

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● 1500W Industrial Power Supply for Storage Device Application

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● 80W Outdoor Public WiFi PSU

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● AC/DC PSU with Wide Input Voltage & Extreme Requirement for Industrial Applications

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● 90 ~ 264Vac input 260W Multiple Outputs PSU for Health Care Application

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● PSU for PABX Telephone Systems, POS Terminals

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● Selectable Input Switch PC Power Supply

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